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Our Services

With a team of technical professionals and years of industry expertise, we assist you in navigating today’s ever-changing business by using the strategy, design, and assurance of IT solutions. At Saf Synergy, instead of fixing issues as they arise, we seek to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our proactive IT approach means less downtime and a smooth-running business that allows you to thrive in a digital world.

System Integration

Boosting the productivity and improving the workflow of your company is essential if your aim is to succeed.
In reference to the proven methodologies which consist :

We integrate multiple independent subsystems from different entities to work as one, allowing the main system to achieve the overarching functionality required by the organization.


With years of industry know-how and practical experience, we distribute both hardware and software to our principal company, partners, retailers and more.


IT Consultation 

Saf Consulting focus is on transforming enterprises into real time enterprises. At Saf Consulting, our Enterprise Solutions and Systems Integration team will provide you with the right services and solutions to make this transformation a smooth, safe and successful process.

Our team focuses on:

Our Enterprise Solutions services include the following:

We have competency in the areas of SAP Implementation.

Sustainability at Saf Synergy

At Saf Synergy, we support the international commitment to mainstream environment, social and governance (ESG) principles to benefit current and future generations.

As we are compelled to do business in an increasingly unpredictable world, Saf Synergy will focus on practices, hardware, technology and applications that create business value while helping companies achieve environmental performance.

Saf Synergy can help you plan a profitably green digital path forward with solutions and platforms in areas such as energy efficiency, decarbonisation and water management strategy.



Sole Distributor

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Why Saf Synergy

Here at Saf Synergy, it is about working for a company where you are most valued, challenged and inspired in your job.

Your job growth is important to us, therefore we are committed to support employee growth  thru coaching and mentoring where together we build a better place to work.

Who We Serve

Saf Synergy Sdn Bhd engages in the provision of information technology, systems integration, business and technology consulting, artificial intelligence, business process outsourcing services and research & development (R&D).

It operates through the following business segments:

  • Communications
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Public sectors (including education, financial services, etc.)
  • Transportation (road and rail) and Logistic
  • Travel
  • Utilities (water)

What We Do

Through our dedicated employees, Saf Synergy provide organizations the insights to anticipate what they want and to unlock the full potential of their businesses, enabling them to be more agile and respond rapidly to changing market dynamics.

We are committed to addressing the challenge of sustainability as well. To do this, we use technology and innovation solutions to support our customers achieving their sustainable targets.

How We Lead

We are passionate to unlock the potential of our team to ensure we are fully aligned to our growth strategies and our clients expectations.

How We Work

We listen to our customers to understand their business experiences and challenges. We help them to anticipate their current and future needs. We provide the best solutions so that they will get more values out of their technology investments, and as a result become more profitable.

Our tagline

We do what we say and we think through solutions

Our core values

At Saf Synergy, our culture is defined by five core values which define how we work together and be the best at what we do:

  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Integrity
  • Unity
  • Growth

Who We Are

We are passionate to bring the most value to our clients through consulting services and innovative technology solutions while upholding the highest standards of excellence and ethics in line with Saf Synergy’s philosophy.